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Jonathan D. Poole jpoole at digitaljedi.ca
Tue Nov 27 08:42:55 EST 2012

Here's some rough estimates on our VPS pricing.  Your concerns with managing 
a server warrant the concern.  There is services that could aid and assist 
in those areas.  Snapshots, managed back up service, etc.  Here is some 
generic pricing for VPS's.   I could send you a pdf 'brochure' if there is 
any interest that outlines the 'who we are' and 'what we do' questions you 
may have.  This pricing is strickly for Pay-As-You-Go pricing.  Monthly VPS 
rental pricing is less.  To keep this off list, just send me an email to 
jpoole at boxfabric.com if you would like information for all types of our 
service offerings.

Memory(GB)    =      0.035 Computed Hourly
Network Rx/Tx (GB):    0.0002 Computed Hourly
Storage (GB):        0.00035 Computed Hourly
vCPU Count:        0.015 Computed Hourly

Enabled IPSec VPN Tunnel Count:        0.055 Computed Hourly
Firewall Service (VsHield):        0.035 Computed Hourly
Load Balancer Service:            0.05 Computed Hourly
HA Gateway:                0.035 Computed Hourly
Full Gateway Configuration        0.10 Computed Hourly
Public IP Address            0.01 Computed Hourly

So for a typical 24x7 web server (*Nix) with 25 GB of Disk (1GB Ram), 
transferring 20GB/month of network traffic, with a firewall
one could see pricing in this area:

$26.04 for memory
$2.98 for network transmit
$6.51 for storage
$10.80 for cpu
$26.04 for firewall
$7.20  for public ip addresss.


Other Information:
- Backups are $20 per 100gb quota
- Managed services are $100/m
- MS SPLA is extra (typical windows 2k8 = $24.03/m)

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On Mon, Nov 26, 2012 at 02:03:03PM -0500, Jonathan D. Poole wrote:
> Myself, I run a vmware platform and do VPS hosting for pay as you
> go, and monthly commit customers.  So I may be a bit biased in my
> recommendations, but I have used aws, linode, and iweb/rackspace
> before for my own needs.  If you want some information, I'll send it
> to you if you are interested.

This is an onlist message, but I will happily take information if you
want to send it to me (offlist or onlist).

> What's the terrifying concerns you have? are they based on security?
> or just that the internet is a dark scary place full of peddlers,
> liars, and thieves?

All of the above, and specifically things like DDoS attacks and
defacers. Certainly apticron and locking down the basics is part of
the answer, but running a production server on the internet means that
when things break you have to find the solutions and fix them (often
under high pressure). When you have shared hosting you have at least
one other head to help deal with problems.

It is more work and more risk, and given that we are not keeping up
with the work we have now, deciding to go VPS is not a trivial

- Paul

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