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Hi John, 

We (CCj) uses it for generating invoices, but nothing else. We did try to use it for a bit, but found that it was far from sufficiently stable to be used as ones actual accounting system. Specifically, we had issues with the books coming *out of balance* (which should be entirely impossible on a double entry book keeping system -- by definition!). 

We had purchased support from the developer, so we got in touch. It was explained to us that transactions probably hadn't completed because some "illegal characters must have gotten into them", and that we need to do a "manual dump of database, find the unknown 'illegal characters', then manually figure out the necessary adjustments to complete the half-completed transactions, and then be on our way." Also, it was all our fault. There was no way this was a bug either in the data entry code, database query sanitization process, nor business logic. 

There were other issues as well, such as HTML lists not populating correctly (this is a big deal when it is the only way to select a customer record!), which was somehow not the fault of the PERL code generating the lists, but rather the fault of Apache and the fact that we were using Firefox. How it was "Firefox" that was the problem was also never made clear, since protestations that I could replicate the issue on other browsers didn't change the situation. Likewise, how it was that Apache was not faithfully serving up the generated content was never explained in terms that didn't sound like total BS to my ears. 

It was around this point that my accountant unilaterally switched us back over to Simply Accounting. We still found SQL Ledger useful for invoice generation (totally online, etc), so we left it at that. 

There is a fork, called SMBLedger that has what appears to be a real community built around it. I haven't switched or extensively tested it because I have no particular need at this time. 

My experiences were around 2003; I haven't heard of any particular changes since, but if I'm out of date, and everything is all different since then, then I'd be interested to know. 


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I have not used this but I am thinking about it and Hold on to your hat! it is Canadian. They have been around for a while too. 




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On 2012-03-26, at 9:10 AM, unsolicited wrote: 
> Browsing next month's meeting page, http://kwlug.org/ , there is a reference to appgen at http://appgen.com/ . 
> When I go there, I have no impression that it's FOSS. 
> Poking about there, everything seems to point towards MyBooks Professional. 
> Earlier list messages talked about appgen as ERP software. 
> Can someone square this circle? 

I looked at Appgen… wow almost ten years ago now. I was looking at it as a replacement for AccPac and MiSYS, which is what Benshaw was using. At that point in time it was certainly not FOSS. MyBooks also does not appear to be FOSS. 

Is there … "accountant grade" software that is multiplatform and OSS? I'm not talking about something to replace the QuickBooks type of stuff for personal and small business, but real industrial grade corporate accounting software that is extensible, has support options and can handle add ons like web stores, inventory, taxes and payroll? 


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