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It's a bit unrelated Paul, but we have talkit VOIP at home over Teksavvy. Quality isn't what we used to have with Rogers (I find it isn't as clear, but it could be me). Talkit is dead cheap (think we paid 150 for entire year Canada wide) though and it's clear enough. I suspect the quality issue is not Bell throttling us (we have a good upload speed when I measure). Of course that doesn't mean Rogers would play nice if they detect someone else's voip... 


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On Thu, Mar 22, 2012 at 12:15:30AM -0400, Tudor Holton wrote:
> This could be a case of the blind leading the blind, but...
> My understanding is that E911 is geographically connected to the
> emergency service via an emergency telephone trunk.   This is
> distinctly different from Caller ID, which is just a signal sent
> along with the "ring" packet.  So it is exceptionally easy to fake
> Caller ID, whereas E911 will shortcut at the nearest network switch
> to jump to the emergency service trunk which ends up at a local
> emergency service centre (or designate).  So no need for a number at
> all.  It won't be your number in a database, it will be that your
> VOIP connection is not listed as being able to make that jump.

This thread suggests that E911 calls go to a centralized call centre
and are rerouted. Are you saying the same thing?


I remain confused. If E911 is NOT associated with my
CallerID, then why is my CallerID coming up when I use the E911 test

- Paul 

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