[kwlug-disc] Any experience with vpsville.ca?

Andrew Sullivan Cant acant at alumni.uwaterloo.ca
Wed Jan 18 23:13:05 EST 2012

On 15/01/12 12:13 AM, Daniel Allen wrote:
> Friend of mine had an amazingly awful experience with vpsville- they
> lost his servers and all backups. Their response to customers was: "On
> October the 7th [2008] we exeprienced what looks like total failure
> of some storage devices. This has resulted in data loss for many

This must have been the same story that I read about them else where. I 
guess they have been OK since, but definitely goes not inspire trust or 

Thanks Daniel.


Thanks everybody for your suggestions. I think I won't be using 
vpsville, sadly.

I did come across another host http://servarica.com.
Starting at $9CAD, located in Montreal, run with Xen (per Khalid's 
advice), review seem to be positive:


Although not plentiful. Anyone ever hear of these guys?


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