[kwlug-disc] WIND is in K-W?

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> 'dem's the breaks, I suppose.
> So, given an unlocked WIND device, since they seem to have compatible
> frequencies with Roger's, and take SIMs, I can stick my Roger's SIM into one
> and get on with my day?

No. Unlocking is just one obstacle, and a known quantity.

The frequency of the handset is different, because the regulators have
auctioned off different "spectrum", as opposed to more densely populated
areas not having to be on different spectrum areas.

WIND isn't falling over to other provider when outside their network?
> Voice over (Android) wi-fi is practical these days? (Assuming, I guess, a
> reasonably working g connection, I suppose.)
> I'm guessing there's no auto-fallover mechanism yet, off cell network,
> attempt to reach you via wi-fi? (Calling out would just work, wherever you
> are, preferring wi-fi over cell I would hope. Assuming any connection at
> all. Not so, incoming?)

No carrier on earth provides voice over WiFi as a supported/advocated
mechanism for making calls, since it eats revenue from their expensive per
minute rates.

You can do it using Skype and a $2.99 a month subscription (free USA/Canada

Perhaps you can get a SIP subscription (was it http://voip.ms ?), and
install the SIP phone app, and use that to dial, as long as you are in WiFi
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