[kwlug-disc] WIND is in K-W?

unsolicited unsolicited at swiz.ca
Thu Sep 22 19:36:58 EDT 2011

'dem's the breaks, I suppose.

So, given an unlocked WIND device, since they seem to have compatible 
frequencies with Roger's, and take SIMs, I can stick my Roger's SIM 
into one and get on with my day?

WIND isn't falling over to other provider when outside their network?

Voice over (Android) wi-fi is practical these days? (Assuming, I 
guess, a reasonably working g connection, I suppose.)

I'm guessing there's no auto-fallover mechanism yet, off cell network, 
attempt to reach you via wi-fi? (Calling out would just work, wherever 
you are, preferring wi-fi over cell I would hope. Assuming any 
connection at all. Not so, incoming?)

Bob Jonkman wrote, On 09/22/2011 1:35 AM:
> WIND is OK with you unlocking their devices after three months. But
> if you want one without cell service then you'll have to pay full
> price, if they'll even sell one to you for that.
> I've got the LG which works just dandy in Elmira using my WiFi
> outside of WIND's coverage zone...
> unsolicited <unsolicited at swiz.ca> wrote:
>> I see WIND has SIM cards - can I stick my Roger's sim in their
>> device?
>> Do these devices make sense without a carrier, wi-fi only? (Does
>> that make it an iTouch, as it were?)
>> Bob Jonkman wrote, On 09/21/2011 10:08 PM:
>>> They're not sold out of Android phone any more: both the LG
>>> Optimus and the Google Nexus are in stock.  $29/mo for
>>> unlimited talk, data and SMS until the end of the month.
>>> On 11-09-21 09:12 PM, chaslinux at gmail.com wrote:
>>>> Yes Wind has a couple of locations here. There is 1 in
>>>> Fairview mall. Not sure about the other location. When I went
>>>> fairview was totally sold out of droids (all model phones).
>>>> That said, I am quite happy with my BB so far and with Wind. 
>>>> Sent from my “contract free” BlackBerry® smartphone on the
>>>> WIND network.
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>>>> WIND is in K-W?
>>>> Maybe I'm just confusing AWS (and whatever it's supposed to
>>>> bring to the party)?
>>>> chaslinux at gmail.com wrote, On 09/21/2011 3:10 PM:
>>>>> Sent from my “contract free” BlackBerry® smartphone on the
>>>>> WIND network.

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