[kwlug-disc] Today in Software Freedom Day news

Michael Savage msavage at golden.net
Sun Sep 4 07:30:47 EDT 2011

I am willing to meet people etc.

On 04/09/2011 1:27 AM, Paul Nijjar wrote:
> I know that you all have been waiting breathlessly for more Software
> Freedom Day planning news. I want you all to enjoy your Labour Day
> weekends instead of anxiously fretting about when you'll get an
> update, so here's an update.
> Firstly, we have a somewhat-memorable link for the page now:
> http://www.theworkingcentre.org/sfd
> We are now in the publicity phase of SFD planning.  The most effective
> publicity is word of mouth. Please help spread the word by mentioning
> Software Freedom Day to those you think might be interested. One of
> the reasons I am pushing this event so hard is because it is intended
> to be friendly and relevant to non-geeks who might find our regular
> KWLUG meetings intimidating. We are trying to orient the talks to be
> for non-technical users.
> Poster
> ------
> Thanks to Charles, we have a poster now. Here is a direct link:
> http://www.theworkingcentre.org/pub/2011/sfd2011-poster.pdf
> You can also get a link from the main SFD page. The source is
> there too in Inkscape SVG, so if you think Android should not be on
> the poster or want to make Wordpress bigger, nobody can stop you.
> If you are willing, please print out the poster and put it up
> whereever you think would be appropriate -- computer shops, libraries,
> at your workplace, on your fridge... In my opinion the poster looks
> okay in black and white, but we have some colour printouts that you
> can pick up from Computer Recycling.
> Electronic Calendars and Event Postings
> ---------------------------------------
> The next phase of the marketing blitz is to get the event mentioned on
> events calendars and in social networking sites.
> For those of you who facebook, there is a facebook event now:
> http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=280671618613047
> We are happy to link to events listings on other social networks too
> (Does Diaspora* have events?). Send me a link (or edit the wikipage, I
> guess).
> We could use a lot of help with publicity. I am really bad at it and
> Charles is pretty busy, so any help you could provide would be greatly
> appreciated.
> Speakers
> --------
> So far we have five speakers booked:
> - Photographer Stefan Chirila (http://www.stefanchirila.com) will be
>    discussing how he uses free software to edit photos
> - Raul will be talking about Software Freedom and the four freedoms
> - Charles will be talking about XBMC
> - I will give a tour of free culture resources (CC and public
>    domain clip art, photos, music, video...)
> - Bob Jonkman will be giving a tutorial on Linux Basics
> There are still slots for a few more speakers, and there are lots of
> topics to talk about. If you are willing to give a short (30 minute?)
> general-audience talk about some aspect of free software/culture that
> interests you, then get in touch. You don't have to be an expert on
> the topic to speak.
> Other Volunteering
> ------------------
> A few people have volunteered to help out on the day of the event. We
> could use a few more helpers for things like
> - Set up and takedown
> - Greeting people when they arrive
> - Helping support people during the Installfest
> - Helping out with A/V during the presentations
> If you are interested in helping out for a couple of hours then let me
> know.
> - Paul

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