[kwlug-disc] OT: Non-satellite alternatives to Rogers Cable?

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Actually Colin I'm already (attempting) to stream via XBMC. Really I think what I need to do next is just get MLPPP on my router. I've been hesitant to do it so far because I'm running a couple of small servers (the game server seems to always be in use).

I think what I'll do is swap in an old router and flash the Linksys one.

Does anyone stream video (as TV) with Teksavvy and MLPPP? Does it really make that big a difference? Talking with Bob before it sounded like his download speed was similar to mine without MLPPP?

When the bell tech left he was quite surprised, said our line was very clear 8mb/s... Suppose to be 5. We've never felt it, but we usually only average less than 100GB/mo. I rarely torrent unless there's a new distro. It's been enough that we've added a voip phone and it's pretty clear.

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