[kwlug-disc] Ubuntu 11.10

Gary Walsh gwalsh at notw.ca
Sun Oct 16 23:10:12 EDT 2011

On Sun, 2011-10-16 at 18:51 -0700, Raul Suarez wrote:
> Oh and by the way.
> I received Mageia with my September issue of Linux Magazine, but I
> haven't been able to install it in a virtual.
> I created the qcow2 compressible file and while the logical size is 10
> GB, the actual physical size is just a few hundred MB to start with.
> Mageia reports the disk as a few hundred MB and refuses to install. I
> receive distros every month with the Magazine and this is the ONLY
> distro I've found that has a custom partition manager (diskdrake) that
> missidentifies the size of the virtual.

I haven't played much with virtualization, so I can't give any advice.
This is Mageia's first release after forking from Mandriva, so maybe
they have some bugs to fix for the next release.  Have you made a bug
report on the issue?  I have switched from Mandriva to Mageia because I
was unable to upgrade to the latest version of Mandriva nor boot from
the DVD.  As a long time Mandriva user, I was disappointed about this.

Gary Walsh <gwalsh at notw.ca>

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