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Oh and by the way.

I received Mageia with my September issue of Linux Magazine, but I haven't been able to install it in a virtual.

I created the qcow2 compressible file and while the logical size is 10 GB, the actual physical size is just a few hundred MB to start with. Mageia reports the disk as a few hundred MB and refuses to install. I receive distros every month with the Magazine and this is the ONLY distro I've found that has a custom partition manager (diskdrake) that missidentifies the size of the virtual.

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Ok, I just booted the Ubuntu 11.10 from the CD on my old Thinkpad T30.
It really, really, really sucks!  I wasn't fond of past releases of
Ubuntu because of the relative lack of good graphical configuration
tools equivalent to Mandriva's Drakconf system and also because I am
more used to RPM based distros than Debian based ones.  However, I at
least found it reasonably usable.  This release has a really poor
interface.  There is an icon labelled workspaces, but it only has one
workspace and does not provide any way to add more.  When I try to
connect to my wireless router, the Connect button is greyed out even
after typing in the password.  I suppose that the Unity interface could
be tolerable on a low powered system like the one I am testing it on,
but there are better choices in window managers or distros like
Jolicloud that I have installed on this laptop.
Gary Walsh <gwalsh at notw.ca>

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