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John Kerr jkerr0102 at rogers.com
Mon Mar 14 22:59:14 EDT 2011

Hi Gang

In any of the Office suites, have you tried to do a mail merge?

How was it?

 beef is that it can be done, but it involves installing drivers to get 
the job done, maybe. I got it to work from OpenOffice CALC but not 
OpenOffice BASE.

I have done it from Evolution datat to OfficeWriter, and thunderbird Data to OfficeWriter.

 get there was like scratching my left ear with my right toe. My take on
 this is that it should just work, out of the box no additional files to

This is either a distro problem or an OpenO or LibreO problem, I 
would like to see this fixed. Judging by what I see in the forums it 
needs fixing.

So please let me know as I want to write a blog 
about it soon. Even if you have never tried doing a mail merge I would 
like to know.

I never tried a mail merge ___
I did it in GNUoffice ___  KOffice ___ OpenOffice ___ Libre Office___

It was Easy_____  I did it but I hope I never have to try it again_____  I eventually gave up______

Any other comments



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