[kwlug-disc] Whats some good Sip providers.

Colin K colin at void11.com
Wed Jul 20 01:22:37 EDT 2011

this is really great info I really appreciate it.  I've just had such a hard
time finding a good starting point.  Ideally I only really want a few
extensions and they are mostly mobile with data included.  My cellular
provider supplies me with a 6 gig data package which at 86kbps or whichever
was quoted from voip.ms's heaviest usage codec seemed to consume .1mBps for
which i have 6000mB per month I doubt that I'll be calling that much i just
know that my friends are going to hate me for dropping my texting for this.

that would actually be quite wonderful to test things out to even see if
bell will allow sip via my droid if you could email me some creds I'd
probably only use a few minutes just ironing out some kinks on my end just
to see how things work.

Ideally i want to use the native gingerbread support as i don't want to have
to buy any software to begin with as im trying to save on cash but
CSIPSimple sounds as though it should be free.

I think that I may stick with voip.ms I'm mainly having issues with my side
of the equation anyways like my pap2t for the housephone would be nice to
set up so that my grandmother has 911 support and such and maybe a friends
cell my droid and my mothers cell.

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