[kwlug-disc] Whats some good Sip providers.

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Tue Jul 19 23:52:52 EDT 2011

And the bonus (aside from Raul responding, whom just recently went 
through this same issue, and VERY kindly posted his comments and 
experiences both to the list and to kwlug.org) ... is you can try all 
this out for only $25, and change nothing you are doing currently.

Get comfortable / happy with voip.ms, then, and only then, consider 
doing something with your current setup.

Note: Acanac is another CLEC occasionally mentioned. I just came 
across a note on their forum indicating they don't (yet?) do number 
porting - if that's important to you.

Also: Rereading your note, you mentioned phone only, not ISP. Given 
that, neither teksavvy nor eyesurf may be right for you. I don't know 
if you have to have them as your ISP to get their voip. Check it out 
before buying.

Given your note re: "How do I do this?", a pertinent point in your 
choice of provider may be your confidence in their level of support, 
or the public level of support you see on the web. If you need no 
support, unlimitel is viable. If you need only a little support, 
voip.ms is viable. [As Raul points out, you may indeed find what 
support that is available on / from voip.ms entirely sufficient.]

Raul Suarez wrote, On 07/19/2011 11:22 PM:
> Here are some ideas:
> First, don't rely on your data plan. Calling 100% over VoIP may eat
> it quite fast.  I think it only makes sense  if you have easy
> access to WiFi.
> Setting up a VoIP account with VoIP.ms is a 10 minutes task. No
> Server to install on your side required.
> I wrote this while playing with Asterisk but you don't even need to
> do that. just look at the bottom section that says "On the Android
> Phone"
> http://kwlug.org/node/812
> In a nutshell
> On the http://voip.ms site 1. Create an account with voip.ms 2.
> Make a deposit of $25 3. Add a new DID 4. Add a new extension
> On your Android phone 1. Install a SIP client (CSIPsimple for
> example) 2. Configure it with the voip.ms information including the
> extension id and password
> Start calling.
> If you want to try before committing, I can set up an extension for
> you to try so I just need to provide you with the android
> configuration information.
> ( I am in no way associated with voip.ms other than being a happy
> customer)
> ________________________________ From: Colin K <colin at void11.com> 
> To: KWLug Discussion <kwlug-disc at kwlug.org> Sent: Wednesday, July
> 20, 2011 4:09:06 AM Subject: [kwlug-disc] Whats some good Sip
> providers.
> I'm new to actually using this mailing list so hopefully this works
> out ok.  Its Colin from the Lug's I'm the guy with the android
> phone allways trying to make it work long enough to record the
> meetings...
> I need to tell bell to stuff it for my phone plan because they are
> charging me like 60$ a month for my phone portion of my bill so I'm
> planning on dropping my phone side of the bill and just stick with
> my data package for the rest of my contract and the Nexus S
> supports SIP natively via Gingerbread.  I don't much care for
> texting but wouldn't mind being able to still do that.  Any ideas
> or tips/tricks to be able to do this would be fantastic.
> Keep in mind I have no idea how to set up voip and I keep missing
> meetings that actually teach us how to set them up but demo's of
> awesome software to do so with keep popping up. 

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