[kwlug-disc] Whats some good Sip providers.

unsolicited unsolicited at swiz.ca
Wed Jul 20 14:56:42 EDT 2011

Sorry, not my area of expertise - I just listed the providers that I
have seen pass by on the list. Perhaps others will be able to assist.

 From what I saw at the time, Raul's web posting, let alone his recent 
list message to you, was pretty complete.

Don't forget, you can do your testing via wi-fi, and by simply calling
your own house phone (even over wi-fi) or to someone else's cell. And 
vice versa.

Also, although not apparent, it is free to register at voip.ms, so you 
can explore, and IIRC sip-to-sip calls are free without the $25. The 
only time $25 comes in is with the DID. So if you can figure out how 
to dial it, you should be able to test voip.ms on your Android for 
free. [Figure out how to dial it as in 'normal' phones don't normally 
let you enter sip, similar looking to email, phone 'numbers.' A 
softphone would. Your pap should do it too, and apparently the way you 
do it is to put in a speed dial via the pap web interface, then on the 
phone connected to it use the speed dial number.]

So, to start, I expect, register with voip.ms for free, then get your 
pap to register to that free account.

I have yet to do this myself, but from what I saw it feels like you 
want to enter each individual phone, at voip.ms, as a sub-account. 
There seems to be some correlation between 'sub-account' and the idea 
of an extension. Allowing, for example, your Android to call home. 
Testable by having a home softphone computer call the pap, and vice 
versa. This should let you surmount a fair bit of the learning curve, 
before moving on to the Android side of things.

Colin K wrote, On 07/20/2011 1:22 AM:
> this is really great info I really appreciate it.
> that would actually be quite wonderful to test things out to even see if
> bell will allow sip via my droid if you could email me some creds

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