[kwlug-disc] (Government) Electronic recycling program changed?

unsolicited unsolicited at swiz.ca
Fri Jul 15 15:39:27 EDT 2011

Thanks so VERY much for the very comprehensive reply, it's very much 
appreciated. Educating us masses, so to speak.

I don't disbelieve the excellent gentleman I spoke with at Canada 
Computer, however, given your message, I expect there is a fair amount 
of fud in this area, and especially, for him, all he knows / can speak 
to is what he's been told and whatever CC policy has been laid down to 
him. In whatever (obviously incorrect, given your message) terms and 
manner it was laid down to him.

In the end, it looks like CC will no longer blindly accept ewaste, as 
they once did. Sadly.

And thanks for the link to http://www.recycleyourelectronics.ca/.

Charles M wrote, On 07/15/2011 3:12 PM:
> Kyle I've come across them before in my searches of other refurbishers. They
> appear legitimate but I don't see a location for them anywhere near us (they
> seem to mostly be stationed out west). The one thing I don't see is any
> mention of the Ontario Electronic Stewardship (which is where the taxes you
> pay on equipment goes to).
> Refurbishers don't have to be a part of the OES, but those that are (TWC is)
> have to go through an audit process that involves ensuring that the
> organization is doing things like:
> * not shipping stuff overseas
> * training staff/volunteers in material handling
> * maintaining a certain standard of quality if refurbishing
> * reporting/tracking hardware to OES
> * hazardous material handling (mostly batteries, etc.)
> The audit process is less difficult for Drop off only sites than it is for
> refurbishers.
> Really there are 3 different types of OES sites:
> 1. Primary Processors - places like Greentec and GEEP that disassemble
> materials and take care of things like the plastics, mercury, etc.
> 2. Drop off sites - places like FutureShop and Best Buy that are allowed to
> collect the materials for a primary processor to pick up (but they cannot
> touch the material or refurbish it once it's dropped off).
> 3. Refurbishing sites - places like The Working Centre's Computer Recycling
> Project which are approved by OES to rebuild systems and parts.
> The auditing process for primary processors and refurbishers is much more
> extensive than it is for drop off sites. If you search on the
> recycleyourelectronics.ca web site you'll notice some symbols beside each
> site. Most sites will have a Recycling and Open Year Round Symbol. The
> Working Centre's listing shows a third symbol that looks like a Y which is
> the refurbishing/reuse symbol. Only sites with this symbol and primary
> processors are allowed to reuse items under OES's guidelines.
> This is of course all related to OES. As I mentioned earlier there are
> non-OES places out there (independents). Some charge, some don't.
> Hope this clarifies some things...

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