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> From: Chris Frey <cdfrey at foursquare.net>
> -0800, William Park wrote:
> > Now, you're dreaming.  This is where they make
> money.
> Perhaps :-)  But I'm willing to switch ISP's for this
> feature

Really? Wouldn't you want to have control over that?

With Rogers I've had a 60 GB Cap since I moved with them (I had an ulimited with Bell)

When I am at 75% I receive an email, then at 90% and at 95% and 100%

It is then up to me to decide if I want to keep using it, bring it to the attention of other family members to limit their use or stop using it altogether. But it is MY desicion, not the ISP.

Reading this, Do you think that it is still a good option to have it hard capped?

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