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> Paul - why would voip.ms be blacklisted at the office? Or any such telephony, 
>for that matter. (What are the concerns?)

I guess that's a question for me. VoIP sites are blocked prevent  employees from 
using the company network to use VoIP services and prevent network load. After 
all, we all get IP phones at our desks running on a parallel network to avoid 
conflicts. I think that this particular site got blocked by a generic filter. 
I'll request to have it white listed.

> One thing I found out is that one can register, for free, and poke about... 
>Until you register, you can't see any of the rich functionality  that Raul 

You can see it, you just cannot use it.

> I have a solid impression that I need to layout a call flow / dialplan for 
>myself before proceeding further. 

Not whatsoever, unless you are planning to have a complex dial plan and for that 
you'd go with your own PBX/Switch.

> HOWEVER - it's the same rate, 24x7, anywhere in Canada, local or otherwise. So 
>there's a bit of a mindset adjustment.

I adjusted pretty quick to $0.0052 / minute to everywhere in Canada.

>SipBroker makes me think even a DID might not be necessary, for personal use at 
>any rate.

Unless you want to call out to or receive calls from traditional telephones. For 
SIP to SIP you don't even need an ATA, you can use Skype, MagicJack, Ekiga, 
Google Voice, etc. 

> It seems to me that the difference between my own box and a virtual box is 
>control of the 
> routing ('dialplan'?) out? Incoming, whether the box is 'out there' or 'in 
>here' the rules 
> you set up are the rules you set up. But going out - given the 'limited' 
>functionality of the ATA, 
> the difference seems to be loss of local / direct control. 

With great control comes great responsibility :). Yes, with your own PBX/Switch 
you have full control.

> Since calls between voip.ms sub-accounts are free, aside from the outgoing / 
>incoming traffic, 
> even the advantage of internal asterisk intercom calls staying local seems 
> Which is to say, Raul might still not have needed his own asterisk box for his 
>Android PDA's to 
> be able to call home without charge. [But I get his whole, let's check this 
>out, point of his effort.]

I currently have 6 extensions (sub-accounts), Two of them outside Canada. Right 
now those are SoftPhones, but nothing stops me from sending configured ATAs. I 
went with the Virtual number in Mexico, so people can call me wherever they are, 
not just from home.

> Thoughts, suggestions, clarity?

Check under the couch. If you have $25 laying around, just jump in. You'll have 
a lot of fun and you'll learn a lot. You'll get clarity yourself by doing it. I 
mean, even buying a book to learn it is more expensive.

On top of it all, and to bring back the conversation to topic: You'll be able to 
also connect your PBX (asterisk, FreePBX, FreeSwitch or whatever) and actually 
try it and use it for real without disrupting your phone connectivity.

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