[kwlug-disc] floss fund nomination

Raul Suarez rarsa at yahoo.com
Thu Feb 17 15:17:30 EST 2011

My expectation is that the projects currently in the queue will benefit the same 
getting the donation this time or one month from now. 

Libre Office has a time sensitive need.

So, here is my take:
- If the projects currently in the queue also have that time sensitivity, No to 
- If the projects in the queue do not have a time sensitivity, Yes to the bump.
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+1 for Bump The Queue

I don't think bumping projects up the queue is a problem.  I'd be very surprised 
if we can't all get behind LibreOffice.  LibreOffice is one of those products 
that lets us get real / meaningful work done in our open source world.  Without 
it we would all need a separate machine with MS Office just to write documents. 
 LibreOffice also makes a great open sources drug to start newbies on;  users 
who wouldn't touch Linux are quite interested when you can throw a free office 
suite onto their computers.

Alright all you TeX writers composing emails in Pine let the flamwars begin ;)  


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