[kwlug-disc] floss fund nomination

Andrew Sullivan Cant acant at alumni.uwaterloo.ca
Sun Feb 20 15:23:09 EST 2011

 > I assumed my entry (git) was just this month.  I've already forgotten
 > any other I've submitted. :-)

Yup. Chris your git nomination was last month and the donation is in 
process. I will update the listing as soon as I have finished it.

I like Raul's comments about bumping only if there are not other time 
sensitive projects in the queue.
I think that we should also try to limit bumping, by trying to keep it 
only to things which would be considered broadly important to FLOSS.
   - LibreOffices, YES,
   - Hati donation from last year, NO,
   - donation to an OpenCrisis project to quickly develop FLOSS software
     to help deal with a specific disaster, YES

And I like having the request posted to the mailing list so that others 
can comment. We in the cabal can get an idea of whether the donation is 
supported by others or not.

(only mostly, but not entirely, distracted, by a new baby :)

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