[kwlug-disc] voip and video - convergence?

unsolicited at swiz.ca unsolicited at swiz.ca
Tue Feb 15 11:34:52 EST 2011

To what extent, or how, is voip and video converging, coordinating, or
overlapping these days?

- events can trigger that send off a txt, e.g. ZoneMinder.
- speaking of which, haven't seen SMS mentioned in any discussion about
- caller id can trigger screen messages, such as within myth (ncid).
- Skype, pidgin, et al, video chatting.
- nannycams / webcams / cams & audio?
- youtube, video editing, etc., are all video, nothing to do with voip.
- (voice) recording apps for making IVR prompts.
- voip, audio via internet, I guess is by definition, convergence. Let
alone Skype.

IIRC, audio and video are still pretty separate apps, at least until you
come to things like Skype.

Is that about the size of it these days?

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