[kwlug-disc] Speech to text

unsolicited unsolicited at swiz.ca
Wed Feb 23 15:35:22 EST 2011

Kiwi Ssennyonjo wrote, On 02/15/2011 10:58 AM:
> Hello to you all
> I have clients, doctors that need to find options.
> They have all mentioned Dragon, and how they have not ha much luck with it.
> Please help me find some options.

Given the dearth of effective options listed in response to your post, 
you may be best off slinging .wav files around.

Not optimal, but gets you most of the way towards implementation, 
while waiting for the last piece of technology to arrive.

When it does, at least you will already have the source file, and 
where it is to go, in the same locale.

Or, perhaps both - have the current software do the best it can, but 
also have a review process wherein the assistant listens to the 
original recording while proof reading what actually went in.

In essence, this is merely moving dictation away from (many) external 
devices to now common computer components. Presumably you will no 
longer be able to lose a tape or SD card. As long as you can find the 
file, that is. Unfortunately, this doesn't solve the away from 
computer digital dictation problem. But even there, there's probably 
PDA apps that will sling files around.

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