[kwlug-disc] Advice on Buying a Ubuntu-Friendly Computer

Ryan McGreal ryan at quandyfactory.com
Thu Dec 29 09:59:10 EST 2011

Hi All,

This is my first post on the kwlug list, so apologies if this isn't the
right place to ask: I'm looking to buy a new desktop computer and install
Ubuntu on it, and I would appreciate any suggestions or advice on what
processors/graphics cards etc play nice.

I've been running Ubuntu on a cheapo Canada Computers box for the past few
years (I started with 8.04 and migrated through a combination of upgrades
and fresh installs to 11.10), and the graphics have never worked
especially well. I've tried out a few other distros on virtualbox, but I
find Ubuntu sits nicely in the sweet spot of out-of-the-box functionality
and customization.

Now my sad sack of hardware is dying and it's time for a new one. I mainly
use it for software development, and ideally, I'd like to run dual
widescreen monitors for maximum screen real estate.

Anyway, I'll greatly appreciate any recommendations you can share. BTW I
live in Hamilton.

Kind Regards,
Ryan McGreal

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