[kwlug-disc] Google purchases Motorola (Mobile)?

John Johnson jvj at golden.net
Tue Aug 16 03:10:22 EDT 2011

On 2011-08-15 22:42, unsolicited wrote:
> Don't know whether that's good or bad / what it means for open source.

Idealistic? Hopeful? Maybe.
But just maybe, Google will be more encouraged to champion the Linux 
(FOSS) underpinnings of Android and the (FOSS) portion of Andriod.
AFAIK: I have read that some parts of Android are - and will remain - 
closed, non-FOSS.
And the licensing model allows apps to be closed, non-FOSS.

I have read blogs that suggest Google wants:
a) Motorola's library of patents and
b) more eyeballs to roam over its sea of e-ads

IMHO: You need a lot of eyeballs to justify B$12.5.

HTC?: The all-knowing blogs suggest that HTC is already hedging its bets 
with products both Android and MS camps.

In any case, RIM will need to step up work on its software shim for 
Android apps on QNX.


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