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>> Not sure how all of this bodes for FOSS.
>> Should be same as, or better, than with Motorola. I can't see it as being
>> worse.
> Unless Google locks down Android to Motorola only. (Presumably) Google
> being the major source of development resources towards Android?

This would be very stupid of them. They want their services footprint to be
everywhere. Doing this is suicide for their mobile platform.

I was reminded again by a commercial on TV tonight - LG is also making
> handsets.

Android works on many manufacturers: HTC, Motorola, Samsung, Sony Ericsson,
LG, Acer, Sharp, Kyocera, Dell, Huawei, and Sanyo.


Would be very stupid of them if they forgo that footprint, and leave Apple,
Blackberry or Windows to eat it.

> It suddenly seems that there are a lot of handset hardware manufacturers
> out there now.
> This is a ramification of Android? No need to develop the software and
> ecosystem for a handset when you can just run Android? [Sort of like MS,
> from a hardware point of view - only need to develop drivers for hardware as
> it emerges?][OS/Apps being a different division's problem?]

Having a market with hundreds of thousands of apps ready to download, many
of them free, is the real strength of Android (and Apple, though handsets
only from a single maker in Apple's case). Choice of handset features is a
plus over Apple. You can get keyboard or touch, screen size, form factor,
size, ...etc. For Apple, it is what Steve decides you should have (e.g. no

By the way, I had a Motorola Milestone before the Sony Xperia X10. It is in
use by another household member now. There are differences that each
manufacturer adds to their handsets, but all in all Android is still
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