[kwlug-disc] Bill C-32 and my visit to Peter Braids office

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Thu Apr 28 11:37:59 EDT 2011

 On Thu, 28 Apr 2011 06:31:50 -0400, Rob S. <mr_semantics at hotmail.com> 
>> Unfortunately, and I say this in all seriousness, It's unlikely 
>> you'll be able
>> to talk to Peter Braid. He seems uninterested on talking with 
>> voters. At least
>> with those that may or may not vote for him.
>> He's been missing All candidate debates and today he didn't attend 
>> the cultural
>> exchange at the museum. All other candidates were there.
> I would not say that he is not interested at all.  I have actually
> seen him out going door to door.  That is actually the reasonhe gave
> for not attending at least on all candidates debate - that he
> preferred meeting with people in door to door fashion.  Can't sayI
> blame him either.  In a debate, it is just a bunch of people looking
> to score points, and often the issues don't even get addressed
> properly at all.  It seems to me that some people naturally do
> better in the pressure cooker debate format as well.  Just because 
> a
> person does not debate well (and this is my guess about Mr. Braid,
> without any proof whatoever) does not mean he cannot be an MP. 
>  Lots
> of MPs do their work well enough behind the scenes, and let the "big
> guys" in parliament do the debating in the house.
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 You have a good point in general. But overall the Current Conservative 
 party does not answer questions.
 Peter Braid did not answer any of my questions while in office.  The 
 official policy right now
 is avoid the media and keep quiet and ride the wave until election day.

 I don't think that the issue is if Peter Braid wants to speak to 
 issues.  He is not allowed.
 With door to door campaigning, if you disagree with the person, you 
 thank them, then move on.

 In the Record debate.  Peter just repeated party lines to every 
 Each candidate was asked what they disagree with about their party.  
 Bill Brown (NDP) and Peter said everything was perfect.
 The Liberals and Green party both gave examples of how people who have 
 common ideals and goals can still have differences of opinion and how 
 the party respects the MP's right to have an opinion.

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