[kwlug-disc] Asking questions of candidates during the election.

Darryl O'Neill ldoneill at golden.net
Fri Apr 1 23:10:25 EDT 2011

Yes but when Bob Rae won, there was a  lot of Liberal/Conservative 
backlash.    We are currently looking at a possible Conservative majority.
The liberals are much more green than the conservatives.

Last Election each of the local Candidates was asked what party they 
would vote for if they could not vote for their own party.  Andrew said 
the he would vote for the green party since he shares a number of the 
green principals.  Cathy said she would put her support behind one of 
the "other" parties that gets < 1% of the vote.

My biggest problem with the Conservative party is not their green 
policies that I don't agree with, or bill C-32.  My problem is that they 
don't believe that they need to answer to anyone for their actions.  The 
party is anti science and anti information.   Don't ask questions that 
you don't want to know the answer to.  It does not matter how many 
experts tell them the importance of something, they are going to do what 
they want.

But it is a free country so vote for who you want.  At least it is a 
free country until Stephen Harper gets a majority.  Then he will make 
sure that only the rich can have a say in the government.    Big oil has 
a lot of money to say that global warming doesn't exist and that the oil 
projects out west are not hurting the environment.

Insurance Squared Inc. wrote:
> Splitting the vote isn't always as simple as that.  And sometimes 
> voting for the party that doesn't have a chance, gives them a chance.
> Remember Bob Rae?  I was at Canada's Wonderland the next day with 
> friends, asked my buddy who he'd voted for.  Bob Rae, as a protest 
> vote, knowing he'd never get in.  I had done the same.  So had 
> apparently a lot of the rest of Ontario.  Wouldn't vote Liberal or 
> Conservative in that election, so threw my vote out as a deliberate 
> 'none of the above'.  And Bob Rae got elected.  He was probably 
> surprised as the rest of us :).
> Kitchener (or was it waterloo) saw how important one or two votes were 
> in the last election when Frank Etherington got elected by a slim 
> margin after three recounts.
> My suggestion is to leverage your vote.  Pick your candidate and help 
> them.  Donate time or money, whatever you have more of.  Do some 
> action that's above and beyond just casting your vote.
> On 01/04/11 11:54 AM, Darryl O'Neill wrote:
>> Andrew Telegdi lost the 2008 vote to Peter Braid by 17 votes.  I know 
>> of 4 people who voted Green who were kicking themselves when they 
>> found out that Peter Braid won.
>> If your green party candidate is likely to win then by all means vote 
>> for them.  If they are likely to be 3rd, 4th or 5th place then vote 
>> for the Liberal or NDP candidate most likely to win.  Otherwise, the 
>> party with the worst green record may get a majority.
>> Paul Nijjar wrote:
>>> On Thu, Mar 31, 2011 at 11:35:20PM -0400, Darcy Casselman wrote:
>>>> Cathy MacLellan is very good.  I like her a lot.  She doesn't have a
>>>> hope of getting more than a few percent in the polls, though. 
>>> Last time she got 12.10% of the vote (which some speculate is why we
>>> have Peter Braid as MP now).
>>> http://www.elections.ca/scripts/OVR2008/31/7383.html
>>> Will things be different this time? Time will tell. If I was a gambler
>>> then I would be willing to bet money she won't win, though.
>>> - Paul
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