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On Thu, Sep 16, 2010 at 11:35 AM, Andrew Kohlsmith (mailing lists account) <
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> On Thursday, September 16, 2010 10:48:23 am Chris Irwin wrote:
> > Pulse (and other new features) are a kind of a chicken-and-egg
> > problem. Pulseaudio works perfectly for me on my laptop (whatever
> > sound chip is integrated into intel motherboards nowdays) and desktop
> > (Asus Xonar DX, "oxygen" chipset). I quite frequently use pulse to
> > route audio between machines, hotplug sound devices, the per-app
> > volume is quite useful, and generally think it is the greatest thing
> > since sliced bread. I guess it isn't there yet for everybody.
> See that's weird. I am running Intel audio on the laptop as well. Pulse
> will
> crap out almost daily (several times) complaining that "PulseAudio can't do
> something with the Intel blah-blah... falling back to PulseAudio"
> Come to think of it, I wonder if some other app ISN'T using pulse (can't
> imagine what) and causing the problem... but really it is as if PulseAudio
> is
> conflicting with itself trying to play things.

I also have a laptop with Intel's chipset.

I am using Kubuntu and therefore don't see these issues with Plymouth
or Pulse.

Video works well with all the 3D effects that were not there on older
releases, since I downgraded to VESA initially, then uses the i915

The only audio problem I see is when Flash gets pegged, and prevent
other applications (e.g. Amarok) from using sound. When this happens
I see npviewer.bin taking 100% of one core, and kill it. This being a 64-bit
install, only Flash's process get killed, not the entire Firefox browser.

So, it has been good, but I am on KDE.

Yes, I noticed the hiding of the information on boot and it is annoying.
I tried what I used to do with the older grub (remove quiet and splash),
but can't get it to behave like the old days for some reason.
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