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Thu Sep 9 23:56:01 EDT 2010

Bob Jonkman wrote, On 09/09/2010 7:33 PM:
> Four whoas.  Whoa!  Actually, your average Linksys router can probably support four 
> DLS connections bonded together with MLPPP before it pooches out.  And I use 
> "bonded" only in the loosest sense -- it's not true bonding, but "bonding" is a 
> convenient word for those of us with only a one-propeller beanie.
> You purchase (rent?) four DSL lines (either on a regular POTS phone line or on a dry 
> loop) for $31.95 x 4, add the MLPPP charge of $4.00 x 4, four DLS modems (Acme 
> Telephone in Kitchener has a good price for a Speedtouch 516: $44.95 x 4 at 
> http://speedtouch.ca/ ) and connect them all with a Linksys router running 
> Tomato/MLPPP from http://fixppp.org .  Now you have up to 20Mbps download / 2.5Mbps 

You sure about 20Mbps / 2.5 Mbps?

I would have thought any 1 stream would get a max. of 5Mbps, but you 
could have 4 going at the same time. i.e. I would not have thought the 
lines would actually be aggregated - each tcp/ip session having its 
own source & destination ips.


Now, unless you are doing some more than serious uploads/downloads, 
this probably wouldn't matter. e.g. I expect the largest average http 
get to be only a few hundred K, at most. (Average.) And without 
aggregation no one person could suck the life out of everyone else - 
which is undoubtedly a good thing. So Glenn's kids AND Mom could be 
sucking down video, and with a 4 line setup, Glenn himself would still 
get a kick at the pot. (Otherwise, one download would still suck the 
life out of everyone else, just for a shorter time!) (-:

> upload  with an 800 Gbyte/month cap.  Or if you pay $39.95 x 4 for Teksavvy's 
> Unlimited service there's no cap.  And you get a static IP with every MLPPP line.

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