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>  I just called Teksavvy.  I guess we pay for two loops, say $10 each, two
> internet connections at say $32 each, then $4 for the MLPPP.  Drop in a
> special modem, and boom, we've got twice the speed.
> That gets me to 10megabits, so I'm definitely going to look into it.

That is $88 per month.

Rogers gets you 10 Mbps for $46.99 plus modem rental ($3 per month?),
if they are in your area that is, and if you get cable from them too
add $10 I think).

I would have thought that this would be some sort of fault tolerance too,
if one loop went down, the other will work at half the full speed. But
are that  the two dry loops will be to the same CO, and one back hoe will
take both out.
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