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Execulink that runs on Bell's equipment is offering 10megabits on a 
single line in selected areas.  I suspect that bell lines have been 
updated and will continue to.

This is my setup.
I have my regular phone with bell but that is it just a phone.  Remember 
if you have your regular phone with anyone else you have to pay $10 for 
dry loop so include that in your cost.  I have no long distance plan 
with Bell so I don't get charged the "Network fee" of 4.95.   I have the 
phone and Call display.  For that package bell was cheapest.  If you 
want more features you might find a deal somewhere but remember to add 
back the $10 dry loop if you go with DSL.

I have long distance and internet with execulink.  I signed up for a 
year and I get
Unlimited download (as far as I can tell) + 2 hours of long distance 
24/7 in Northamerica for $39.95.
It is 4.9 cents per minute after that. They have international rates but 
I don't call international and I rarely go over my 2 hours of free time 
a month.

Execulink does not charge a "Network fee" for long distance almost all 
carriers that I saw when I looked this up last did.  They would offer 
you a plan for one fee but you had to pay the Network fee and they did 
not mention it.

Also Execulink offers a Toll-Free number for the price of long distance 
- no other fee.  And the long distance is included in your 2 free 
hours.  It is handy on business trips as I can call home from the hotel 
for only the price of a local call.  Also handy for the kids to call 
home from any payphone in town.  (first 2 hours free then 4.9 cents 
after that.  Cheaper than the 50 cents for a payphone or the hassle of 
finding 50 cents).
I do get one or two calls a month on the toll free that are wrong 
numbers but it is like one or two minutes.

Insurance Squared Inc. wrote:
> I just called Teksavvy.  I guess we pay for two loops, say $10 each, 
> two internet connections at say $32 each, then $4 for the MLPPP.  Drop 
> in a special modem, and boom, we've got twice the speed. 
> That gets me to 10megabits, so I'm definitely going to look into it. 
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>> (As this thread slowly unravels into many different strands...)
>> Teksavvy offers MLPPP, Multi-Link PPP.  With the right router firmware
>> you can bond two separate DSL lines to get double the throughput (and
>> double the cap if you're not on unlimited). 
>> The MLPPP protocol adds some bytes to the Ethernet packet header; this
>> offsets all the other identifying bytes in the header, so Bell's DPI can
>> no longer identify particular kinds of traffic to throttle.
>> [Phil] ... and DPI isn't smart enough to recognize this and get the 
>> bytes from their new offsets?
>> Phil
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