[kwlug-disc] New geek in the area

Fernando Duran liberosec at yahoo.ca
Wed Sep 8 14:09:23 EDT 2010

Hello Jeff and Welcome!

Regarding local developers, I'm coding in django & python lately (among other 
activities). I also worked several years ago in bandwidth control ("traffic 
shaping") over Linux, using in part "tc".

As you surely know there's quite a bit of IT around here (RIM, OpenText, 
insurance companies etc).

Regarding other recommendations: no idea, I use Rogers, seemed a little less bad 
than Bell, pick your poison. And regarding eating out, KW is a wasteland (the 
only thing I miss from Toronto are their restaurants).
Fernando Duran

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>Subject: [kwlug-disc] New geek in the area
>Hi all, my name is Jeff Welling.
>I'm moving to the Kitchener Waterloo area, and since I'm a linux geek I thought 
>I should touch base with the local LUG.  I write free software in my free time, 
>mostly in Ruby though I'd like to get back to working with C and am trying to 
>help with one in Python.  One of my projects is designed to help track of and 
>control your bandwidth, another project I'm working on is called Ticgit which 
>I've become the maintainer of, and I'm trying to help out with OpenHatch.org 
>though I'm having to learn Python at the same time in order to do that.
>Any other local developers?
>Any suggestions on local watering holes?
>Local geeking hot spots?
>Tips about ISPs? 
>Which do you use, whats your opinion of them, who do you think I should avoid 
>and why?
>I'm coming from Vancouver and I've been on Shaw cable who are the best around.  
>The alternative is Telus DSL.  
>Telus complains if you go over on your usage and forwards DMCA complaints, Shaw 
>never complained on any of the occasions when I went over my bandwidth allotment 
>even when it was a significant overage (200-400%), and has yet to forward a DMCA 
>Any other things I neglected to ask?
>I'll be busy moving in this weekend but hopefully I'll see some of you at some 
>meetings :)
>*waves* Nice to meet everyone.
>Looking forward to geeking with you,

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