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--- On Wed, 9/8/10, J W <jeff.w.bulk at gmail.com> wrote:
> I'm moving to the Kitchener Waterloo area, and since I'm a linux geek I thought I should touch base with the local LUG.  

Welcome to KW. Plenty of Geeks here.

> Any other local developers?
Several developers in the KWLUG and other groups.

> Any suggestions on local watering holes? Local geeking hot spots?
There are several "geek friendly" with WiFi. Non that I know 100% geek dedicated.

> Local geeking hot spots?
The whole region is geek friendly with a large number of events and groups relatively to the size of the cities.

KWLUG, kwlug.org
Guelph Demo Camp
KW Unix users group
Waterloo Drupal Users group

The Waterloo Tech startups page usually have links to tech events http://waterloo.techstartup.ca/

> Tips about ISPs? 
I use Rogers (cable) because of the performance  but it caps at 60 GB. I used to be on Bell unlimited but performance wasn't always good for me.

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