[kwlug-disc] New geek in the area

unsolicited unsolicited at swiz.ca
Wed Sep 8 12:55:59 EDT 2010

J W wrote, On 09/08/2010 3:35 AM:
> Hi all, my name is Jeff Welling.
> I'm moving to the Kitchener Waterloo area, and since I'm a linux geek I
> thought I should touch base with the local LUG.  I write free software in my
> free time, mostly in Ruby though I'd like to get back to working with C and
> am trying to help with one in Python.  One of my projects is designed to
> help track of and control your bandwidth, another project I'm working on is
> called Ticgit which I've become the maintainer of, and I'm trying to help
> out with OpenHatch.org though I'm having to learn Python at the same time in
> order to do that.
> Any other local developers?
> Any suggestions on local watering holes?
> Local geeking hot spots?
> Tips about ISPs?
> Which do you use, whats your opinion of them, who do you think I should
> avoid and why?
> I'm coming from Vancouver and I've been on Shaw cable who are the best
> around.  The alternative is Telus DSL.
> Telus complains if you go over on your usage and forwards DMCA complaints,
> Shaw never complained on any of the occasions when I went over my bandwidth
> allotment even when it was a significant overage (200-400%), and has yet to
> forward a DMCA complaint.
> Any other things I neglected to ask?
> I'll be busy moving in this weekend but hopefully I'll see some of you at
> some meetings :)

Hail Jeff! Well met!

Obviously you've found K-W Lug as you've posted to the list. I assume 
you've also then found the website at http://kwlug.org/. This mailing 
lists' archives are at 
http://astoria.ccjclearline.com/pipermail/kwlug-disc_kwlug.org/ - you 
may be able to answer some questions you might have by having a look.

You will also see that the next meeting is this coming Monday - good 
timing. Meeting topics and directions are on the site. e.g. What 
happens at a meeting - http://kwlug.org/node/55. If you can't find 
some detail, post back here and someone will chime in.

AFAIK, neither Telus nor Shaw is available in this area, so no worries 
there. Internet providers is definitely a regular topic here, in so 
many ways. Currently, IIRC, <can't remember or find the name - but 
Richard uses them> seems to be the most favoured provider, but that's 
just my guess based upon list postings. YAK has been getting more 
traffic lately too.


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