[kwlug-disc] Fast transfer protocol?

Paul Nijjar paul_nijjar at yahoo.ca
Fri Oct 22 10:30:57 EDT 2010

This is a Windows question, but Linux solutions would be welcome
(especially Linux solutions that can be run off a LiveCD). 

I am trying to saturate throughput on a gigabit network card.   

I am getting the impression that Samba is inherently slow. The
application used to transfer files does seem to make a difference --
depending on the (proprietary, Windows) utility I use, I am getting
transfers that use from 12% to 25% of the gigabit link. 

Now I am wondering whether I should try to set up an NFS share or FTP
server or something on the host I am testing. Has anybody run into
this issue before? How do you solve it?

- Paul


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