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> My wife complains that when we run windows inside virtualbox that it's
> slow.  I upgraded her ram to not much effect.
> Does anyone have comments on upgrading to an SSD drive under linux?  Looks
> like 64gigs are now down around $150.  Lots of chatter about boot up times,
> but I don't care about that.  Do they make that much difference in speed for
> general work?
> I've also read something about 'trim' which apparently linux doesn't have -
> should one care?

Diagnosis before treatment. Otherwise interesting things happen.

While an SSD will speed up I/O for sure, make sure that your bottleneck
is indeed I/O before jumping to the conclusion that and SSD will help.

Do you see the disk light flicker when she feels the VM is slow? If so,
is a chance

You can use iotop to see which process is eating up I/O. If you don't have
that then vmstat will tell you that there is indeed heavy I/O and if it is
or write.
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