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John Van Ostrand john at netdirect.ca
Tue Oct 5 14:48:11 EDT 2010

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> I find the bulky mic hard to carry all the time, and yes, hard to be
> near all the time
> as you move around.
> If the wireless thing is a shirt collar clip-on, the type that are
> head mounted, yes, they will make a big difference.
> How much does one of these cost, and is it compatible with the SJK
> sound system?
> Perhaps we can have totally voluntary donation to buy one of these. I
> know
> that 2bits.com would participate. Perhaps other companies can too.

Lapel microphones are called lavalier microphones and people say they are expensive. A google search shows some on sale for $125 and others for $300. I assume the microphone transmits to a standard receiver that outputs standard audio and so it would be compatible with anything.

I would also donate.

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