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Decent wireless microphones will be in the 300-500  range. They would be compatible with any pro audio system (SJK included).

I tried getting a bluetooth device working as a computer headset once and didn't have any luck (tho it should have been possible). Plus phone accessories, by definition, will sound like the presenter is "phoning it in" (pun intended)

Are we elevating the speakers above the audience (audio speakers, not person speaking-- damn the english language....) So that the people at the back are not listening to the sound thru the people in front of them?  Putting the speakers up, apart, and slightly in front of the presenter will help a lot.  Some tricks with the EQ will make the voice clearer and reduce feedback. 

The room is a big hollow space which is difficult to provide sound to. It may help to orient the presentation against a short wall or in a corner instead of in the middle of a long wall

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> I find the bulky mic hard to carry all the time, and yes, hard to be
> near all the time
> as you move around.
> If the wireless thing is a shirt collar clip-on, the type that are
> head mounted, yes, they will make a big difference.
> How much does one of these cost, and is it compatible with the SJK
> sound system?
> Perhaps we can have totally voluntary donation to buy one of these. I
> know
> that 2bits.com would participate. Perhaps other companies can too.

Lapel microphones are called lavalier microphones and people say they are expensive. A google search shows some on sale for $125 and others for $300. I assume the microphone transmits to a standard receiver that outputs standard audio and so it would be compatible with anything.

I would also donate.

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