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Thu Nov 4 14:26:09 EDT 2010

Bob Jonkman wrote, On 11/04/2010 12:40 PM:
> On 10-11-04 11:26 AM, Insurance Squared Inc. wrote:
>> It's worth noting again that as I understand it, downloading music
>> in Canada is perfectly legit as long as you do it for your self.
>> Uploading is a no-no, but downloading is fine.
> True, for content for which you don't have the rights.

Not to be pedantic, but let's remember, if you don't have a physical 
copy, you don't have the rights, you're not on the internet, and 
torrents don't matter.

Actually, I guess that's not true any more (see below), with things 
like iTunes out there now.

> But when you use 
> Bittorrent or other P2P applications to download you're also uploading 
> the content to distribute the load.  That would be a no-no, so don't use 
> any P2P protocols if you're downloading content for personal use.
> Of course, freely available content such as Die Beauty or Nina Paley's 
> movie or Allison Crowe's music can be shared and distributed, so 
> uploading that is a yes-yes.

As is, of course, Linux distros available as torrents! (-:

torrents ... they're not just for media any more!

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