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Oksana Goertzen ogoertzen at gmail.com
Wed Jun 23 16:08:11 EDT 2010

I have an early IdeaPad from Lenovo that I like.  The older keyboard was
and I had to remap one key so that I didn't continually hit the up arrow.
The newer
ones have a larger keyboard.  I upped the memory to 2 GB... you'll probably
to do this and get something that has a 6 cell battery if you want to use it
the house much.  The newer ones have LED screens (less power/bright/crisp)
might be worth considering.

BTW, my Lenovo Ideapad (like others) have a small Linux OS partition that
you to surf the web and look at pictures, listen to music without booting
the system
completely into your desired OS.  This way it boots in seconds and uses
little power.

Good Luck!


On Wed, Jun 23, 2010 at 2:39 PM, Johnny F <hyperflexed at gmail.com> wrote:

> note: I sent this a number of times without it showing up on the list,
> I apologize if this is a duplicate.
> ---
> Hi,
> Wondering if anyone could make a recommendation on the best place to get
> a notebook without windows in Canada. I need the netbook primarily for
> my electronics bench (writing code, flashing microcontrollers), and
> secondarily as a lightweight laptop for browsing the internet when I
> leave home and don't want to carry a 10 pound laptop around (which is
> also huge and power hungry).
> Places I've looked:
>  - Dell:
>        seems they only offer the ubuntu option in the states.
>        Haven't had much luck getting Dell Canada to offer me a
>        non-windows netbook.
>  - System76:
>        based in the states. They have nice a nice ubuntu netbook
>        but the high international shipping costs make it somewhat
>        cost-prohibitive. (over $100 for a $360 netbook)
> Ideally this netbook would be in the $300-500 range. Any help or
> experiences you can offer would be greatly appreciated. If it was also
> available in Canada that would be ideal.
> Regards,
> Johnny
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