[kwlug-disc] netbooks without windows

Johnny Ferguson hyperflexed at gmail.com
Wed Jun 23 16:28:09 EDT 2010

Hi Oksana,

The ideapads look good, but I think they're out of my price range for 
now. Based on the advice I've received so far, I'm looking at the 
System76 system, or a Dell Inspiron Mini 10.

I'm working on a spreadsheet to compare features at the moment. I'll 
post what I decide later on (unless another awesome option comes up)

As an aside, it'd be nice if some company could manufacture replacement 
keys for laptops so I could replace the win key with something more 
neutral :P

- Johnny

On 06/23/2010 04:08 PM, Oksana Goertzen wrote:
> I have an early IdeaPad from Lenovo that I like.  The older keyboard was
> smallish
> and I had to remap one key so that I didn't continually hit the up
> arrow.  The newer
> ones have a larger keyboard.  I upped the memory to 2 GB... you'll
> probably want
> to do this and get something that has a 6 cell battery if you want to
> use it outside
> the house much.  The newer ones have LED screens (less
> power/bright/crisp) and
> might be worth considering.
> BTW, my Lenovo Ideapad (like others) have a small Linux OS partition
> that allows
> you to surf the web and look at pictures, listen to music without
> booting the system
> completely into your desired OS.  This way it boots in seconds and uses
> little power.
> Good Luck!
> Oksana
> On Wed, Jun 23, 2010 at 2:39 PM, Johnny F <hyperflexed at gmail.com
> <mailto:hyperflexed at gmail.com>> wrote:
>     note: I sent this a number of times without it showing up on the list,
>     I apologize if this is a duplicate.
>     ---
>     Hi,
>     Wondering if anyone could make a recommendation on the best place to get
>     a notebook without windows in Canada. I need the netbook primarily for
>     my electronics bench (writing code, flashing microcontrollers), and
>     secondarily as a lightweight laptop for browsing the internet when I
>     leave home and don't want to carry a 10 pound laptop around (which is
>     also huge and power hungry).
>     Places I've looked:
>       - Dell:
>             seems they only offer the ubuntu option in the states.
>             Haven't had much luck getting Dell Canada to offer me a
>             non-windows netbook.
>       - System76:
>             based in the states. They have nice a nice ubuntu netbook
>             but the high international shipping costs make it somewhat
>             cost-prohibitive. (over $100 for a $360 netbook)
>     Ideally this netbook would be in the $300-500 range. Any help or
>     experiences you can offer would be greatly appreciated. If it was also
>     available in Canada that would be ideal.
>     Regards,
>     Johnny
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