[kwlug-disc] [OT] Google sniffing wifi, collecting emails and passwords.

Raul Suarez rarsa at yahoo.com
Tue Jun 22 11:11:57 EDT 2010

--- On Mon, 6/21/10, unsolicited <unsolicited at swiz.ca> wrote:
> Google did not just come out and say
> we have erased all such data, securely, and verifiably.

That was my first thought "What's so difficult about getting rid of the data.

Now I understand: If they delete the data they would be accused of covering their tracks. To prove that they were not malicious they had go have the relevant agencies review the data without the least indication that they were trying to delete evidence of... whatever.

Had they deleted the data, people would be speculating that they may have deleted proof of alien life and the resting place of Jimmy Hoffa.

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