[kwlug-disc] [OT] Google sniffing wifi, collecting emails and passwords.

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Mon Jun 21 17:33:58 EDT 2010

Raul Suarez wrote, On 06/21/2010 3:37 PM:
>> From my point of view: red herring.
> They already accepted they were capturing some data. They said it
> was fragments. Unless it is found that the data was targeted
> specifically, I don't see what the big hoopla is.
> Unencrypted networks sending out data may be sending the email
> address at the time the data was captured. What's the deal? That
> would be different were they targeting that data specifically.
> Sensationalist news that belong to Tabloids along with the cat with
> three heads and the bat boy.

I don't think so. But you have somewhat of a point.

Because it's google, and because we distrust 'corporate america', it 
goes beyond sensationalism. We don't trust them.

However, to the point of various other posts, if it wasn't google, 
would we notice?

I thought the real issue was, having had their hand caught in the 
cookie jar (?), Google did not just come out and say we have erased 
all such data, securely, and verifiably. My thought at the time was, 
and granted that this is chicken-and-egg depending upon where we were 
at the time in this news cycle, to say such would be to admit they had 
the data (so their hands were in the cookie jar.)

I have yet to see anything go by that says they have securely erased 
all such data of concern, with independent verification of that. That 
would 'make it all better.' (For the most part?)

To Khalid's (?) point, they could not have known what they would get. 
Or were getting after examining initial results. The only reason I can 
think of for that would be to hope to be able to mine the data, for 
whatever reason, if they didn't get exposed. If they don't get exposed 
- no issue. If they do get exposed, they could deal with it then, in 
some fashion. With probably no more kerfluffle than they would have 
gotten over any publicity they would have for mistakenly acquiring it, 
and having to apply filters going forward. 'Sure they did!' would be 
the accusation. Darned if they did, or didn't. So, status quo, and que 
sera sera. Hide your head and hope it goes away? Ethics?

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