[kwlug-disc] are you going to be a criminal?

Andrew Kohlsmith (mailing lists account) aklists at mixdown.ca
Fri Jun 4 20:51:16 EDT 2010

On Friday, June 04, 2010 08:32:02 pm John Van Ostrand wrote:
> I wish. Take your shiny new HDTV with it's sexy high-speed digital HDMI
> port. See that same port on your Blu-ray player? Yup encrypted with HDCP.
> You want to capture off your Blu Ray player you better pay the HDMI group
> for a key. What's that they won't give you one?
> Additionally, the HDMI group can make the HDMI port on your TV useless to
> your Blu-ray player, remotely.  That spec I've read and it's true. Oh sure
> they would be fools to disable all the Panasonic TVs out there, but then
> why's it there if they don't intend to use it?
> I voted with my money without knowing it.

You don't want to caputre the raw HD stream anyway, you want the encoded 
content, just sans lock.

(yes, an aside, I know.)


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