[kwlug-disc] are you going to be a criminal?

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Fri Jun 4 20:40:15 EDT 2010

John Van Ostrand wrote, On 06/04/2010 8:32 PM:
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>> Saw a comment on TV the other day: Apple Store has stopped
>> selling DRM music. People don't buy - too inconvenient to copy to
>> their iPod / wherever. So, if I understand this correctly, DRM
>> has failed. In music. How do we get to the same place, everywhere
>> else.
> I wish. Take your shiny new HDTV with it's sexy high-speed digital
> HDMI port. See that same port on your Blu-ray player? Yup encrypted
> with HDCP. You want to capture off your Blu Ray player you better
> pay the HDMI group for a key. What's that they won't give you one?
> Additionally, the HDMI group can make the HDMI port on your TV
> useless to your Blu-ray player, remotely.  That spec I've read and
> it's true. Oh sure they would be fools to disable all the Panasonic
> TVs out there, but then why's it there if they don't intend to use
> it?
> I voted with my money without knowing it.

Granted. I was speaking only to iStore / music. Didn't say we were 
there yet, anywhere else. And I'll be surprised if we ever are.

Regardless, I'd sure like fibre to every home, as part of the national 
infrastructure, like water or electricity, RIGHT NOW.

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