[kwlug-disc] are you going to be a criminal?

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Fri Jun 4 20:37:44 EDT 2010

John Van Ostrand wrote, On 06/04/2010 8:26 PM:
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>> If this bill keeps coming back, and the digital lock issue is
>> still present, and it will keep coming back until industry gets
>> its way ... you must change industry such that they stop putting
>> so much pressure on politicians, so politicians can vote down the
>> current proposal.
> Everytime it gets shot down is one more reason not to try and
> re-introduce it. Imagine the person trying to sneak it in after
> unsuccessfully doing so for a dozen tries. It would be laughable.
> I don't know how much industry lobby is here. I think the lobby had
> it's impact with the US and the crafting of the WIPO treaty. I
> imagine the lobby with Canada is resistable. At least I hope
> everyone on this list will tell their MP that.

To your point, the abortion debate is a non-starter, in Canada.

Curiously, that was true in the U.S., but may be coming back. Roe v. Wade.

Also curiously, the principle of universality has been shattered for 
OAS, etc., for prisoners. I expect that will go to the supreme court, 
and be lost. Tax it back, sure, but don't mess with universality. Once 
you start ...

I do wonder what's about to come at us all, now that they've created 
'life' in the laboratory.

So ... to the point of other posters ... we keep fighting this good 
fight on copyright until the industry gives up. Which is to say, 
they've gone bankrupt and are no longer around to put up a fuss.

In the meantime, they're lobbying and trying to establish and protect 
their revenue stream. Can't really blame them.

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