[kwlug-disc] are you going to be a criminal?

unsolicited unsolicited at swiz.ca
Fri Jun 4 20:15:01 EDT 2010

Chris Frey wrote, On 06/04/2010 8:07 PM:
> To my understanding, you need the copyright holder's permission to
> tamper with the digital locks.

And you wouldn't likely get permission. And if you did, there'd be a 
no distribute / NDA clause attached.

Like, take it home to do 'homework', and you're illegal.

There's likely no way to put the cat back in the bag, once it's out, 
so I assume they're smart enough to never give permission. <silly me>

Think back to registration codes, or unphotocopiable (sp) game codes. 
They still got out, so the only sane way to proceed is to never grant 

Development would all be in-house, where NDA's and litigation can all 
be brought to bear.

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