[kwlug-disc] are you going to be a criminal?

Chris Frey cdfrey at foursquare.net
Fri Jun 4 20:07:26 EDT 2010

On Fri, Jun 04, 2010 at 07:52:38PM -0400, Joe Wennechuk wrote:
> So I don't attend a school, but I constantly experiment, and play, and
> develop. Would I have to attend some sort of sanctioned institution to
> fall under some educational exemption. I don't have the money or time. The
> educational value of learning how to pick a lock; how the lock works. I
> LOVE this type of thing. As a past time, hobby, almost lifestyle. I break
> WEP, WPA on myself with friends; as in, on each other. I was working
> for a WISP I had to know this stuff. I've never done anything nefarious;
> So if I study this, and play with it am I still a criminal?

I'm not a lawyer, but the bill is here:


To my understanding, you need the copyright holder's permission to
tamper with the digital locks.

- Chris

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