[kwlug-disc] Apple Rocks! No linux tablets?

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Thu Jul 15 23:42:19 EDT 2010

Raul Suarez wrote, On 07/15/2010 11:24 PM:
> I think that the cool factor of the iPad and utility is undeniable
> but you just need to look at the recent iPhone history for clues
> about the future.
> Dystopian walled garden where as long as you do as the benevolent
> leader says and you worship him you'll be taken care off. No more
> hunger, pain or suffering.
> Of course, we also know how those novels and movies end.

In the iPod and iMac? As in, happy, productive, people?

> Yes, there will be tablets. a previous post suggested searching for
> android tablets, you can also search for MeeGo tablets or Linux
> tablets.
> There will not be initially as good, they will not be as cool, but
> eventually the competition will push them to improve.

I expect so too, but not for some time. Critical mass / infrastructure 
isn't in place, AFAIK.

I do wonder if Canonical could do it.

To your point, I have no doubt, should, say, Canonical deliver the 
infrastructure, in a VERY short time the iPad would be surpassed 
beyond all ... {something}.

> When we talk about "Innovation" it hasn't been lack of innovation
> on the Linux side that caused the iPhone/iPad to release first. It
> was lack of vision and risk taking on the part of the companies
> with the $$$ necessary to make it happen.

Linux ain't here, so it don't matter.

(Some would say.)

> Kudos to Apple for taking the risk but if Android phones were able
> to catch up so fast

But, apparently, per Khalid's link, or links from there, it hasn't, 
and won't, any time soon.

> is because open source developers had already
> walked most of the road: e.g. AppStores look a lot like Linux
> repositories, don't they? QT/KDE have been creating the plumbing to
> create the mobile networked apps and who could forget the doomed
> OpenMoko project.

Then, wherefore are they, if they're so great?

> So, yes, you won't have to wait long to have Linux tablets.

But, perhaps, longer than you think. I'm thinking the issue is 
hardware. Apple was able to manufacture, and mow over carriers (and 
the accompanying resistance) with the spiffyness of their product.

If good {$X} was sufficient, we'd all be wearing Palms.

If Linux were a panacea, wherefore Linux desktops?

I think there's more going on, and there's more inter-dependent 
elements, that is intuitively apparent.

But I would agree - something open, both software and hardware, will 
be present / successful / solved, within 2 or 3 years.

Just like cell data plan costs will go down substantially, due to the 
new entrants. [Yeah right.] Anyone hear - new entrants came, Rogers 
dropped their prices, and now the entrants are suing Rogers.


Apparently, ain't nuthin' simple about nuthin'.

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