[kwlug-disc] OT: Roger's phone services

unsolicited unsolicited at swiz.ca
Thu Jul 15 19:50:25 EDT 2010

Johnny Ferguson wrote, On 07/15/2010 7:31 PM:
> I think most of those questions would be better off addressed to Rogers. 

I suspect the reason for posting the question here is the lack of 
trust of anything the vested interest salesbeast says.

> I can't imagine 911 access being a problem. IANAL, but I'm sure there 
> must be some laws on 911 access. Most phones are powered through the 
> phone lines themselves (hence you don't have to plug them in to mains 
> power).

Granted - since they are business phones. The question posed relates 
more to what happens during a power failure.

> As far as Rogers being trustworthy, I pretty much think they're satan. 

Many agree. However, for the moment, I guess he's looking for comments 
from those with practical business experience with the service he's 
being offered.

Anyone selling VoIP themselves / able to offer a solution to the 
poster? Recommendations of places to go with respect to further / 
better information / solutions?

I know there's a lot of Asterisk use in here, and unlimitel use, but I 
have no idea what turn key solutions are in the area, the business 
equipment and support needed between unlimitel and the end user, nor 
what options are available, financially, for this charitable organization.

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