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Excellent idea, Raul.

It might be an idea to post any such openings in a special section of the website.  That way, if kept current, it could possibly be a way of getting computer oriented people to visit the site and, curiosity being what it is, people could venture into other areas of the site.

Increased exposure should be a benefit, should it not?

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There are regular postings at Manulife, go have a look and if I can I will send a referral.

Full text:
Manulife Canadian Division IS has the practice of sending internal postings in case we can provide referrals from people we know.

I've been tempted to send them to this list knowing that there are very good technical people in our group.

What has stopped me is that, while technical in nature, they are not necessarily FLOSS related as they are for internal systems.

The postings I receive are usually Systems Integrator, Developer, Systems Analyst and Application support from middle level to senior.

Example, currently there is an intermediate Java developer posting for eServices at the Bank.

If you are in the market, you should know that there are regular postings (avg 8 per month). You can go to the website and if something catches your eye and want an internal referral, send me a note. If I know you and can send the referral. I will.

Or if you want me to keep my eyes open for a particular skill set, also send me a note.

Full disclosure: I get a finders bonus for successful referrals, but that's no my main driver. (Actually, the perception this may cause was the second thing that stopped me from sending this email earlier.)

Conversely, I think that it would be useful if other people in other companies let the group know when they are in hiring mode.

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